Alpha Home Décor's Consignment Advantage 

Specializing in the Unique, Withstanding the Test of Time

Presenting & Accepting Consignments from Around the World

Exhibiting Character, Quality, Value & Distinction

Our gallery has a high level of visibility with individuals who are seeking desirable items of value and distinction that they would enjoy having in their home or business.  

Alpha Home Décor is a mid to high-level Gallery, offering quality, hard to find treasures for a fair price.  We are not a thrift shop, nor do we accept thrift shop type items.

Alpha Home Décor does NOT Buy or Sell, items originally purchased at discount or outlet stores such as Art Van or Gardner White Furniture stores.  The key measure that we use in evaluating our pieces presented is making the determination that they will withstand the test of time.  Will the item retain its qualities 10, 20, 50, 100 years from now?  Additionally, being a home décor gallery, we do not entertain accepting household items such as utensils or dinnerware.

Your items will be displayed among a large host of great pieces, further highlighting the fine characteristics of your  items.  We take pride as to the integrity of the items we present, therefore; unfortunately we cannot accept all items for consignment for this reason. Additionally, we have floor space limitations and at times unable to accept larger items even though we would like to. 

Alpha Home Décor is in search of quality antiques, great art, and unique items from Around the World.  We are particularly interested in pieces constructed of Bronze, Glass, Marble or Hardwood(s) and/or what can be considered a work, or piece, of art.  We also market mid to high value Collectables and Jewelry.

We will research if necessary, and determine the fair market value for your goods. This gives you confidence in knowing you’ll receive the most for your sale.

Marketing of your product, and your and the buyer’s satisfaction, are Alpha Home Décor's number one priority!  We feature many of our products on our web showroom and often market items over other e-commerce websites to further maximize exposure nd sales.  Your items may be viewed by thousands of potential buyers in-and-out of your area. This significantly increases your chances of a sale!

With the Alpha Home Décor advantage, you only pay a commission when the item sells. And we, along with the buyer, “not you”, are responsible for payment, packaging and delivery arrangements.

If you are looking to sell a treasured piece of yours, choose Alpha Home Décor' to find the right buyer who will treasure it as much as you!

Learn how to consign and sell your goods quickly by contacting us today!

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